New Snohomish County Tree Removal Service

We’d like to announce that a new snohomish tree removal company called Precision Tree Removal. The owner Dan, has been in the tree removal business for over 20 years and offers a wide array of emergency services for people who don’t feel like chopping down those huge tree in their backyard themselves.

Some of these Services Include:

  • Emergency Tree Cutting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Shrub and Bush Pruning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Raising—Raising Ground-to-Tree Clearance
  • Cabling—Strengthening Co-Dominant Stems

If you’re looking to beautify your landscape, increase your backyard view, or removal a tree that’s infringing on your house, then getting an expert removal company out there is your best bet.

Removing a tree is a dangerous job. Some owners may think that a chain saw is the only requirement to getting a tree safely down. However, lots of homeowners have injured themselves by recklessly going at removing trees in their yard with a “do it yourself” attitude.

Some things you might consider

Cutting down a tree improperly may cause serious injury or death. People may not realize the true power of a tree that’s about to fall. If you’re in the way of a falling tree in any way, there’s going to be some serious injuries that occur. For instance, cutting down a tree does not mean merely chainsawing the base until the whole thing comes down. You may need to brace the tree to fall in the right direction. Once you’ve braced the tree, you’ll need to make sure that you notch the tree properly with a chainsaw so it does not jack knife off the base suddenly and potentially kill you.

Remember the power lines

Power lines can easily get in the way of your tree falling project. Many home owners forget that just because they’ve braced the tree and notched the base correctly to fall in the direction they want…does not mean the tree will fall in that direction.

A tree may fall any direction it pleases. The slightest amount of wind can cause the tree to go in the exact opposite direction of the bracing system you’ve setup for the tree. So, the safest way to cut down a tree is to start at the top and work your way down, section by section. Learn more about Dan here.